Are you Happy with your life?



“Life is like a dream. Most dreams last at most few minutes and soon after waking up, most dreams are forgotten. Likewise some people live and are forgotten as soon  as they die. Nevertheless, those who live for Christ live forever and remain happy in Him”. (Psalm 73:20)

I asked a group of people this simple question ” Are you happy with your life?” and the majority of them said no and some went on to explain that they felt that no one cared about them. If you ask me why I asked that question, I wouldn’t be able to give you a reason at all other than it just came from my spirit and I felt that God wanted me to speak life into someone’s life and situation by sharing this message with them. I know what I have written below will definitely touch the life of someone and change them forever.

This topic is for everyone, whether you are single or married, sad, depressed, lonely, unhappy,  hopeless, unloved, uncherished, pretending, exposed, frustrated, stressed, worried, ashamed, isolated or what not.

I want you to understand this basic principle and read it as much as you can until it sinks right down into your soul. “Your life will have no meaning until you set yourself free from the mind-set that is holding you hostage and stagnant”.

Some of you are wearing someone else’s identity and you have neglected yours because of something that has happened in your life. You once had a clear goal and dreams of what you wanted for your life but because circumstances and situations came your way, you have abandoned your calling in life. Let me tell you this, anything that happened to you did not “just happen”. Everything happens for a reason and it happened to either teach you a lesson or to grow you into the person God has desired you to become. God will first test you before He can trust you. If God put you in a controlled environment, if you don’t change, you will remain there until you learn the lesson that God wants you to learn. God looks out for us regardless of where our relationship is with Him. Just because you don’t feel you need to go through what you went through doesn’t mean it wasn’t a necessity for your next breakthrough. You have to go through a test so you can be qualified to maintain the next chapter of your journey. Hold on and keep moving by faith. Nothing comes by accident. Everything you experienced took place in order to draw you one step closer to what God’s purpose is for your life.

Many people are full of regrets and have settled for less when they know deep down that they are better than their current position but yet they are so comfortable with it. Stop  living life like that, you have to move from what no longer serve your purpose of your life, otherwise you will miss the opportunities that are set to change the course of your life completely.

You have to enjoy every moment you spend on earth, because one minute you can be talking with someone, laughing and making jokes and the next, you are gone. Life is just too precious to joke with, cherish every opportunity and every experience.

Life is meant to be lived with gratitude, thanking God for everything around you. You don’t have to have plenty of money or cars to be grateful. Even the fact that you are able to hit a like bottom with your fingers on your social media is enough to be grateful about, it may seem like nothing to you, but it’s everything to some! Everything you do is by the Grace of God.

See, a lot of us think that it is when God gives us exactly what we need, that is when we should thank Him. No, every breathe should be appreciated. You need to start being thankful for everything in your life, especially the small things. By being grateful you will receive more than you asked for. For example, if you want something from someone and let’s say they are close to you, when you start to praise them saying how wonderful they are, how lucky you are to have them in your life and so on, and you continue to praise them, even before you finish asking them what you want they will give it to you, and if at that time they don’t have it, they will look for ways to provide it for you. This same principle works with God, the more you thank Him the more He gives you more than you ask for.

I can’t tell you how important it is to start living a life you love. You need to start asking God questions about your life, why are you not happy? What are you doing wrong or what activities are you engaged in that is bringing you down? Start questioning now?

If you want change and want to start a new chapter into a happy life then follow these few steps;

  1. Believe God- once you do, he will begin to reveal the plans he has scheduled for your life and EVERYTHING will just become easy for you. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be troubles because everyone will have problem knocking at their doors at some stages in this lives but God will give you ways to deal with any situation. You won’t have to worry or carry the burden by yourself because He will carry it for you.


  1. Be grateful for where you are now. Everything that is happening to you now is a process to grow you, so learn from your experience and also learn how to move with God’s Grace and appreciate His Grace over your life.


  1. Let go of your past. The past can tie the years of your happiness down and can cage you. You need to forgive yourself for what you thought was your fault, accept that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross and has taken all your sins and shame with Him. Let go of the past and walk into another chapter of your life.


  1. Have a vision for your life. You need to set goals for your life and continuously consult God about it. A plan and vision without God is an art that will never be seen by another soul.


  1. Remove self-pity in your life. I think this is what has tied a lot of us down for a long time. We always feel sorry for ourselves but that is when we allow depression, loneliness, unhappiness to crawl into our lives. Watch Joyce Meyer on Youtube on self-pity- She will explain this in great details for you.


  1. Start saying positive words to your life. Remove “I can’t” or “I won’t” in your life and start using “I can”, ” I must” and ” I will”. Reject every negativity in your life and use your mouth to declare good things into your destiny. You have authority from heaven to move mountains but if you don’t say it out it will only die inside of you.


I believe that when you start to follow these simple steps things will begin to turn around for good in your life and God will begin to direct you into the path to your destiny.

It is your entitlement and birth right to experience every goodness and happiness that God has promised us in His Word and it’s now time for you to start asking why this has been kept from you all this while.

How can you be put on this earth and not be happy? You need to start asking God what is going on and what is His plans and purpose for your life.

Remember that your struggles are pathways that will lead you to your success, now, go and live a life that will make you happy every day in Jesus Name. God Bless.

Below are prayer points that you should take the time to pray if you really want a permanent change in your life and experience the full package of breakthrough to your happiness.

  1. Lord, take more of me and give me more of you (More of your love, direction, kindness etc). Ask God to take everything you don’t want in your life ( depression, sadness, etc)  This prayer is a powerful one, so pray it seriously
  2. Lord, make me an agent of light where there is darkness
  3. Lord, show me the direction that will lead me to my true  destiny
  4. Lord, give me the Grace to forgive those who have wrong me and give me freedom to move on with my life
  5. Lord give me faith and grace to forgive myself from my past experience and let me walk with you so that you can direct my life.

May your life regain it’s breath and speed into it’s greatness in Jesus Name.


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