Intimacy Before Ministry

Before ministry, you were a child, a child of God. Yes, there’s no doubt that there is a special ministry planted in every of God’s children, some are small and some big.

When God calls you, also ask him to equip you for the journey ahead so that you don’t get too excited to jump straight in and then burn out.

Ministry requires intimacy with God, it requires sacrificial intimacy with the Holy Spirit – meaning that your intimacy, relationship and fellowship should be deeper than just the mere Christian.

If God calls you for ministry, He also calls you for deep intimacy with him.

It’s actually intimacy God is calling you into and then He will give you instructions on what you do, your doing is your ministry. Don’t get it mixed up, you are called for intimacy, not just for ministry, the ministry will follow after.

Many people are called into intimacy but because they chose to hear ministry, they carry that as a weight and burn out.

A ministry that bases its foundation on intimacy with the Holy Spirit will always stand.

What foundation is your ministry based on? – excitement? Hard Work? Drive? Passion? Because hard work can only take you so far, it has its limits. But an intimacy based on consistent fellowship and commitment with and to the Holy Spirit will last during stormy seasons.

Jesus is our biggest role model to imitate and even he built a life of complete intimacy before going into full-time ministry. His preparation took him 30 years but his ministry only took 3 years. This shows that there is power in remaining in the presence of the Holy Spirit so that He can stir you up for ministry.

Don’t burn out for the sake of ministry, but tune in to a life of intimacy with the Holy Spirit that is full of his directions, instructions, revelations and strategy on how He wants the ministry to go.

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