Intimacy with God

You may ask, what does it mean to have intimacy with God? What does it mean to build a relationship with him?

Intimacy with God is building a relationship that is not just based on what you want from God but on knowing who He is, and what He is about. It’s about knowing God’s heart, desires and what He has asked you to do and allowing him to help you to do it.

Intimacy with God is deeper than just having morning and evening devotions with him. It’s deeper than that. Intimacy with God is a lifestyle and a habit that you must cultivate daily and take seriously as if it holds the plug to your oxygen. Intimacy with God goes beyond bible study- it reflects the inpouring of God’s heart into your heart.

Intimacy with God is a way of life, a life that is consistently been transformed and changed from the inside out. A life of brokenness, a life that you have surrendered and allowed God to use for his glory.

There’s no way that you will commit yourself to a life of consistent intimacy with God and your life will remain the same. How you live your life must reflect who God is.

Intimacy with God will bring you into more revelation of who God is, his heart and his desires for each season of your life. It will make you become a blessing to others and not a burden. It will take you deeper than anywhere you can ever go by yourself.

God is calling all his children to a life of intimacy with him. A life of brokenness, where you become less of yourself and more of him. Where you have the mind of Christ and less of your mindset and where you have the attitude of God and not your attitude. A life of letting go completely and letting God take full control. A life of faith when in the midst of a storm or hurricane. A life of enduring hardship and pressing forward knowing you are being guided by God.

Is your intimacy with God bringing revelations and bringing you into deeper fellowship with God? If not, you must go back to God and ask him to help you develop a consistent life of intimacy with him.

We are in the last days, and we must be aligned with the Holy Spirit and the works He wants to do through us. Many of us are still delaying and still believe we have time. There’s no more time to waste, time is running out. Tune in to a life of intimacy with God.