Leap Over

No limitations can stop you from fulfilling your purpose. The Lord your God is your shield and your guide. His word is a lamp that will guide you through life (Psalm 119:105).

Psalms 18 verse 29 encourages us not to let the enemy limit us. The verse gives us confidence that since we know God and we believe in him, we can scatter the full camp of the enemy and by God, we can leap over every hurdle and obstacle standing in the way of our breakthrough.

Be encouraged today that whatever limitations, or barrier the enemy has set in front of you that is stopping you from receiving clarity, direction or stopping you from going into the next season or taking the next step of your life, know that YOU CAN LEAP OVER IT! it is a wall the enemy has put in front of you and your God said YOU CAN LEAP!

So leap! For your God, who is your strength has given you the might, power and authority to leap! You have great power to overcome!

Hold firm and leap- God is with you!

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