You are Valuable

You are God’s favourite out of all his creations- his prized possession -James 1:18 TPT & NIV

How amazing is it, that out of everything God created, we are his special possession! This is beyond mind-blowing. It is such a privilege! This means that God sees us as valuable and not a mistake He made here on earth. We were all created with a specific purpose and for a specific reason.

God intentionally placed you here on earth. You are valuable and God loves you. Whatever lies the enemy has been planting in your mind, it is not valid, that’s not what God is saying about you. God’s word is love and He created you out of love. Don’t let the voices of the enemy be louder in your mind, choose to focus on the words and promises of God over your life today. God made you in his image, which means that you must reflect him. It means you must see yourself as He sees you. You are unique and special. You are the special person that Jesus chose to die for regardless of the cost. He chose you to be here, you were chosen, which means that there is something inside of you that must be birthed out into reality. You were created for great and mighty things.

God intentionally formed you (Genesis 1:27)

You are valuable and God loves you.