There are many things that can cause disappointment, but the most hurtful kind is when people disappoint us.

Disappointment will happen no doubt, but when it does, we have to deal with it. We can’t let it get to us but in the process, we must believe God’s plans and purpose for our lives and know that closed doors are a way of him protecting us from danger.

There are opportunities that may seem and look like our next breakthrough but in the future will only destroy us. This is why it is so important to learn how to fully trust God with our hearts and not just with our mouths. Disappointment will test the authenticity of our trust in God.

Disappointment comes in different forms. It can be from a job opportunity that didn’t work out, a failed relationship, betrayal from a friend etc. Whatever disappointment you may be facing or have faced, God’s word is always there to encourage, strengthen and give you hope. Disappointments are just God’s way of slowing you down from following your plans and guiding you on his paths and plans for your life.

The Bible has many encouraging words and promises that can help you through the season. One famous bible scripture that has strengthened many believers in hard times is Jeremiah 29:11.

But above all, know that yes, many things and people may disappoint you but Jesus will never disappoint you. He is faithful to all who trust and hope in him and He has a great future for you (Proverbs 23:18).

Some people and things may come into our lives for a time and season and then leave. But when Jesus comes into our life, He stays with us through every season- He is there in the good, bad and ugly.

Trusting in God will never put us to shame ( Romans 5:5)