Be still and listen

The worries, anxiety and cares of this world can shift our focus from our peace in God. Just as much as God is there with us through life, He also constantly invites us to sit and rest with Him.

There is a daily invitation waiting for us and we are encouraged to come as we are (broken, hurt, afraid, anxious, etc.) and listen to what the Father wants to say to us.

You don’t have to say anything, He already knows what you need and what’s on your heart. The Father has so much to say to you, He has so much to pour into your heart. As much as you want to tell Him everything that’s on your heart (which He loves to hear), He also wants to tell you the things that are in His heart. Be still. Listen to what He has to say. A word from God is able to shift the direction of the storms and hurricanes in your life.

Be encouraged to come to the Father just as you are and listen to his heart. You will not leave the same way you came.

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