Find your Blueprint

We can all strive to be like Moses and seek to be close to God and be his best friend. Yes, we can all be like that, with a devoted heart and a desire for God, yes it can be possible. But before Moses got to where he was, he had to die to himself and walk a different path of life than everyone else. His journey was different.

We can also strive to be like Abraham and Daniel because they had a strong faith in God and a devoted heart to do what pleased God. We could even say we want to dedicate our whole life to be just like King David who God considered as a man after his own heart.

Yes, we could strive and aim to copy these great people in the bible, but it wouldn’t work if all we want is to just focus on the events of their lives where they were thriving. No, it wouldn’t work. Their journey on earth with God made them who they were then and even now that we still remember them. They all experience life in their own generation with God.

There is a pattern that we can see from the lives of those who we read about today from the bible and that is; they loved God, were obedient to him and followed him and most importantly, they journeyed with him! But each and every one of their journeys was different- none was a literal carbon copy of another but yet we are able to see a pattern and a correlation of God’s mighty hand and his move in their lives.

A lesson to be learned from these great men and women of God we read today is that each focuses on their journey and walked with God. Focus on your journey and walk with God.

We are now in a generation where people try to copy other people’s lives to see if they can get the blessings that they have. If God wanted it like that, He wouldn’t have created us uniquely. You need to focus on your life, focus on your journey here on earth, what you have been asked to do by God, what you have been asked not to do, and where you are being asked to go and not to go. These are key instructions answered when we walk with God and can only be identified in a place of intimacy and fellowship with him.

Heaven doesn’t see a carbon copy of you in anyone else, it just sees you and waits for you to get on the blueprint that God has created for you. Get off someone else’s blueprint and seek the Lord to show you the way so that you can start walking in alignment with what He has called you to do and where He has called you to be.

Yes, we might experience the same joy someone experiences but that doesn’t necessarily mean we will walk the exact same path as they did. It is important to tune into what your destiny is going to be so you will have enough strength and faith to continue on the journey even when things are hard.

Joesph didn’t know he would end up in prison but because he was walking with God, he remained faithful and steady even in a situation that looked like he was abandoned, forgotten and left to die. Staying with God and walking this journey out with him will allow you to persevere in the face of the storm just like King David did. His heart was still faithful and still focused on God even when his enemies were after him.

Stay with God and seek his will. Consistently ask him if you are on his path and in his ways. Consistently check your heart if it aligns with that of God. And completely surrender everything to God, so that when you are going through hard times, your mind will not trick you that you are not in God’s will. But when you stay with God, He will guide you to stay in him and when you think you are walking in his will and you’re not, He will tell you and when you are not, He will also tell you.

Find your blueprint here on earth. The blueprint God has called you to live and when you find it, rest in it even during many storms that may arise, stay calm and trust that God is in control.