Protected by God

My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil oneJohn 17:15

You are a child of God, and no darkness or evil one can overshadow or overpower you. So long as you are in Christ and have made the Lord your dwelling place, you are now his child, and He is responsible for your protection.

God can deliver you from the darkness. He is the light in the midst of darkness, guiding and protecting his children from every harm. He will cover you with his feathers so that you can find refuge under his wings. Because He loves you so much, He will command his angels to guide you in all your ways because you trust him and take refuge in him. Nothing will harm you. No harm will come near your dwelling -(Psalms 91).

Part of the benefits of knowing God is the security that we have in him. This is our identity as children of God. We are protected daily by our heavenly father who loves and cares for us.

Many may rise against you but God will fight for you because you rely on him for your protection. No sickness, attacks of the enemy or diseases will ever come near you. So have no fear of the enemy. Do not let them scare you or make you afraid, because if the lord is for you and protecting you then who dares go against you.

Remember, you serve a living God, who is intentional and cares about you. His loving eyes are fixed on you. So don’t let fear stop you from embracing your identity in God’s loving protective arm. He will do whatever it takes to ensure you are safe and protected. Trust God for your protection.

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