Magnify God

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the problems we’re facing. But this can add more stress by dwelling on them. Focusing and dwelling on things that we can’t control can cause issues that might be small to appear impossible to solve.

Whenever we allow our thoughts to keep thinking over a matter that is completely out of our control and out of our reach, we are literally giving the devil control and allowing bad things to come into our minds. This can hinder us from seeing the things God is doing for that season.

Stop magnifying your problems, but rather magnify the Lord instead.

When things are not going your way, choose to magnify Christ and give thanks for who He is and focus on the blessings He has given you over the years and praise Him for that. When we magnify the Lord, we are choosing to trust Him regardless of our surroundings and regardless of what we are going through. This is how we can experience the peace that surpasses all understanding even in a chaotic situation.