What is true about me

The Bible is the first and only place where all children of God should go to discover about themselves, and who they truly are and to know what God says about them. As we go to the bible for teaching, guidance, directions, training and equipping (2 Timothy 3:16-1) we should also go to the Bible to find out about our identity.

If you are on a journey of self discovery and don’t know where to start, start with what the bible says about you as a person, because everything inside of it is pure and full of truth. In it, you can learn about the plans of God for your life but most importantly you can learn what the Father is saying about you.

Understanding your identity in Christ is a key factor in walking in the life you have been called to live.

Form a daily habit and learn about what is true about you, about your identity, about why you are here on earth and for what purpose.

 Below are some of the words written for you (from the heart of Christ to yours). Meditate on this daily until your spirit, soul and body agrees with them. You can also find some of these quotes on our Instagram page by clicking “here” or on our Facebook page by clicking “here“.

  • I am loved regardless of my mess.
  • I am rich because I have security in God.
  • I am wanted by God.
  • I was not created for defeat.
  • I have given my weary and heavy burden to Christ.
  • I rejoice in the Holy Spirit as I give thanks to my Heavenly Father
  • I have the price tag of Christ. My price tag is the blood of Jesus Christ
  • I am strong and courageous.

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