You are God’s Masterpiece

We are God’s masterpiece, every part of us was wonderfully created by God and for God. He was intentional about us being here on earth! If He wasn’t intentional about us, He wouldn’t have said it in his Word, since He even exalted His own Word above his name! (Psalm 139:13-14 & Psalm 138:2). Our mind, soul, Spirit, and body are all part of God’s masterpiece.

Just take a moment and say to yourself, “I am God’s Masterpiece“. Let me explain this a little deeper using an illustration of a stone wall (see picture 1 below). This to me, is a masterpiece. It’s a stonewall used for the construction of a living room. How it’s standing with all the gaps, I just don’t know. For the sake of understanding and explanation, I want you to see this stonewall as how God sees you, His masterpiece.

Picture 1: Stonewall

See how everything fits perfectly? even though it looks physically imperfect, it’s still perfect, it’s still strong, and able to support the structure of a home. It takes time, skills, and the right person(s) to know what type and size of stone are needed to complete the wall structure. Only a specific skilled person knows exactly what pieces are needed for the rest of the gaps and know exactly how to position them to fit perfectly.

Isn’t it just fascinating? And as amazing as it seems, this is the way God sees us, his children. Even to the tiny pieces, He knows exactly what is needed and what to do with it. Every season we go through, God knows the piece(s) that is needed to come out in order for a new one to fit in. We are not supposed to gather the pieces and build our own masterpieces ourselves because if we attempt to, we will fail. God has already pre-plan how every single detail of our life will be before He even created us (Jeremiah 1:5). God has every area of our lives all figured out, it’s just for us to walk with him so He can show us.

When He says you are priceless and that He formed you before you were born, He meant that He has intentionally designed your life, and planned it out in greater detail than you can ever imagine so that you can have the life He originally planned for you before the beginning of time.

Picture 2

Now take a look at picture 2, see the gaps that are in place, and see the small stones that are positioned. As perfect as this masterpiece is, and standing so solid and strong, God still left gaps for growth and for more work to be done. This means you were not created to figure everything out, so time with God will help you grow and develop yourself in him. The more you grow with God, the more the pieces will be intentionally put into place. There will always be gaps in this masterpiece as long as you are here on this earth. There is always a need for more of Christ, more growth in Him, and more of Him.

These gaps give you as a child of God, the opportunity to grow and expand yourself in the Lord. Only God knows the positioning of every piece of your masterpiece, so don’t try to help him.

Picture 3

Take a look at picture 3.

Be careful of how you keep your masterpiece. Don’t allow the devil to corrode or crumble it. Because in the picture we can see that these crumbles are not too noticeable unless you look closer. But the more you allow the devil in, the more these pieces will become corroded. Eventually, when all the pieces turn to corrosion (when you have turned away from the ways of God) then you will fall and crumble. Be careful to safeguard yourself, especially your mind and your heart against people and things that are of this world. We must not be of this world but we must set our minds on the things above (John 17:16, Colossians 3:2).

YOU are the masterpiece God created. Don’t try to carry the weight of your life by yourself, the Master (Jesus) will carry it for you, just allow him.

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