Divine Direction

Any wisdom, counsel, directions, guidance or instructions outside of God will lead to destruction. It may look or seem good initially but it will lead you to go where you should not go or do what you should not do.

Every advice you get must be taken back to God and must be aligned with the word of God, within context – not that you take a verse out of context and then apply it to your situation. No, it doesn’t work like that and it will only lead you to complete destruction.

God is interested in helping you live the best life He has designed for you, but you must also be willing to work in alignment to follow his ways, and his principles and position yourself where you can be taught, be disciplined and hear God’s voice.

Seek the way of the Lord, seek that ancient pathway, the one the Lord mentioned in Jeremiah 6:16. And then ask God which way to take, be patient and continue to seek the Lord until He answers you. Do not be in haste, don’t rush it, and don’t let your emotions or feelings speak to you, but let God speak. Because God does whatever He wants and desires, He can give us an answer today or an answer in a few months or whenever we have reached a level where we can receive the answer He is giving (where we have completely surrendered to God and be okay with his no or his yes).

When God gives you the answers then walk in the path He has told you to go. This doesn’t mean that the path wouldn’t come with hardship or challenges, it means that you are walking in alignment with what God wants and where He wants you to go. This is where you will find rest for your soul. This is where you will be at peace knowing full well that whatever comes your way God has stamped this path with a ‘Yes’ and He is with you and will be with you every step of the way.

Every area of our lives must be committed to the Lord as instructed in proverbs 3:6 so that He can order our steps ( Psalm 37: 23). Divine connections, guidance, instructions and directions come to us when we seek God for them. When we take time to stop, pause and ask where to turn. Sometimes confusion and misalignment come when we try to logically figure out and do things ourselves. But our logical reasonings are limited and can’t get us to the final destination. But divine wisdom and guidance through the help of the Holy Spirit will not only make our logical reasoning impactful when needed but it will also help us make the right connections at the right time.

God wants to help you, believe it. There’s a whole new chapter with God after salvation and He is very much interested in helping you to navigate life in every season and every stage of your Christian experience.

Think about it, it wouldn’t make sense that God loves us so much He gave us his son just so we can receive salvation and then figure life out ourselves. No! That’s not it at all. God loved us so much and He gave Jesus Christ so that we can have life and live it to the fullest (John 10:10).

May the Lord give you the patience to seek him and ask for the ancient pathway and the courage and boldness to walk in it so that you can find rest for your soul.

Proverbs 19: 21
Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.