Let Purpose Happen

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“Your purpose is your heavenly gift, giving to you from above, inside you, waiting for full devotion and commitment before bursting into victory”.

What is your purpose? What do you carry? Who are you and what do you stand for? Can you stand in front of anyone and boldly announce what you represent and what you live for? If you can answer all those questions without thinking twice, congratulation! You are doing well! Regardless of what circumstances or situations you find yourself in, keep going, you are fighting a good race, don’t be deceive by situations, they are only temporary.

For those of you that couldn’t answer those questions without thinking twice or who couldn’t even answer it at all, well let me tell you this- it’s time to face reality and stop whatever you are doing and switch your mind and focus to those questions. It is time for you to start asking questions about your existence on earth. It’s now or never because no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

Start asking God questions about your purpose and the reasons you are here on earth. Buckle yourself and pray to Him to reveal it to you. Be willing to listen to your inner self and not be ignorant of it. What is your heart telling you? Your purpose is inside of you already, you just have to knock harder so that it will open the door to you for you to be able to reconnect with it. So, keep asking questions until you find your answers!

A purpose or dream is nothing more than a thought asking for permission to live ~ Keion Henderson

You are defined by your purpose, vision and your goals. Until you are willing to inconvenient yourself, your purpose will not move.

Purpose is inside of you. Although you were born naked, you were not born empty; the purpose was planted in you already. Many people are suffocating their purpose to the point that whenever it speaks and cries out to come out, they deny it. They deny its complete existence because they are not used to something different, so they shut it up every time it speaks. But until you are willing to move from your comfort zone you will not connect with your purpose.

Have you ever been in a place where there are too many people and all you want to do is just go outside and breathe and get some fresh air? Or have you ever been in a situation where all you want to do is shout and say “Leave me alone?” Well, your purposes’ cry is no difference. A purpose cry is a cry from within, crying out from all the distraction that surrounds you, shouting out to you to just listen to what it has to say.

Don’t let anyone deceive you that you came into the world “Just” to be a women/man or a wife/ husband. Think about it deeply, do you think God will just give you that assignment? – No!  There is more to you than that. You are worth more than that. You carry purpose; in fact, your entire being carries purpose.

Everyone, before coming into this world was given an assignment. Your assignment was to use your purpose to touch as many lives as possible. You were given the power, content, strength, and everything needed to bring this assignment alive. Your mission is to touch people with this assignment and not just share it alone. Just as Jesus did, he shared His purpose and mission with the whole world. The only thing that was not given, was how to use and develop this purpose and bring it alive so that the whole world will see- and this is where most people fail, they get tired and as a result, neglect their purpose. But in order for your purpose to speak, you must first know how to use the content you came with – this is your gifts, abilities, strength etc and that is why you must always allow yourself to constantly be learning from others. Don’t be too big or too proud to learn from anyone because they might have the answer to promote you to the next level of your life.

Even though you have everything you need all ready to fulfill your purpose, you need to be devoted, committed and focus in order to bring this purpose alive. These factors help you to combine everything together and build in you the skills and qualities of how to manage and be leaders of your purpose, allowing you to control it instead of someone else controlling it for you.

Purpose needs to breathe in your life- give it a break and let it out. If you have neglected purpose in your life, don’t worry, there is still a way, ask God for guidance.

Purpose only comes alive when you start questioning it. If you are distracted by wrong relationships, friendships or activities then your vision and purpose will be blind to your true calling. Do not allow your pain to adapt to unfulfilling activities.

Jesus wants us to talk, walk and act like Him. That means that we must accomplish our mission here on earth. Establish ourselves, let people see the pure message we carry which represent what we are and how people will remember us for it. As the whole world remembered Jesus for what He did for us so you too must be remembered and valued.

Jesus’ purpose and mission were shared with the world, so must yours too.

On the Day of Judgment for the whole world, each individual will be asked about their assignment;

  • What was it
  • How you developed it
  • Who did you touch
  • Did they remember you for it?

In Daniel Washington’s inspiring life advise video Put God First, he mentioned putting God first in everything you do. If you want to know what your purpose is,  instead of waiting years before connecting with it, then turn your life and time towards God. He is the only one who can turn your life around within a second and announce your victory to the whole world.

Realistically speaking, only a small percentage of people in this world at a small age knew exactly what they wanted to do in life. The rest of us had to pass through battles, confusions and failures to discovered it. There are benefits to both.

Knowing what you want at an early stage means that you don’t have to over think about life. It means that you can start setting goals and plans as to how to accomplish it.

Not knowing your purpose and what you want to do with your life means that you will always fall into puddles, small and big. This simply means that your focus may not always be clear and you have to work twice as hard to figure out where you fit in this world and what you want to do with your life. But, the moment you start asking questions about your purpose you begin to pick up some qualities that at the time you questioned it, but it was for your benefit.

I ask you today to devote time into getting to know yourself more and questioning why God put you here on earth. Start with these simple steps.

  • Draw closer to God
  • Invest in yourself
  • Involve yourself in giving and spending time in helping others
  • Start living a healthier and truthful life
  • Live a better life, full of love, kindness, peace, and joy.

Doing all these will help to open your mind to what your passion is. It will open the door to reconnect you to your purpose and help you to value life much more.

“Purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out. ~ Proverbs 20:5


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