Are you living your true life?

Today marks the start of another month. It seems like only yesterday we said a happy new year to each other! Time is ticking and it certainly does not wait for anyone! Before the end of the day, I want you to reflect on your life so far. Reflect on how you've lived life up... Continue Reading →

A year of change-2019

It is time to say goodbye to another year, how time flys. Reflecting back on 2018, many things have happened,  in which some can't be explained and others happened for our growth. Wherever you are at the point of your life, I just want you to realize that because you have breath in you, you... Continue Reading →

Are you Happy with your life?

  "Life is like a dream. Most dreams last at most few minutes and soon after waking up, most dreams are forgotten. Likewise some people live and are forgotten as soon  as they die. Nevertheless, those who live for Christ live forever and remain happy in Him". (Psalm 73:20) I asked a group of people... Continue Reading →

Be Yourself

  One of the greatest challenges in life is discovering who you are and being yourself regardless of what anyone thinks of you. A lot of people put on someone else's identity, thinking that they have the perfect life but forgetting that no one is perfect. The biggest happiness you can have as an individual is... Continue Reading →

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