Be Yourself



One of the greatest challenges in life is discovering who you are and being yourself regardless of what anyone thinks of you. A lot of people put on someone else’s identity, thinking that they have the perfect life but forgetting that no one is perfect.

The biggest happiness you can have as an individual is to discover who you are, know your true personality, your worth, what you like and what you don’t like and embracing your individuality.

It can take years to become comfortable with yourself. Everyone wants to fit in and it takes courage to want to stand out and be different from the crowd. Being yourself mainly becomes a challenge from a very young age, where all we want to do is fit in or have the same style of clothes etc. This has affected a lot of people, including myself. This is when insecurities and depression start to creep in because we realize that trying to copy someone else’s identity isn’t as easy as we thought.

You have to be yourself regardless of where you are or who you are around. Be yourself regardless of your race, color or appearance. Be confident in yourself, where you are now and look forward to what the future holds for you. We are all created uniquely and we all have a different purpose that we serve on earth. Be yourself even if the world wants to force you to change or hide who you truly are. Embrace your weird side and your quirkiness. Listen to your heart and your intuition. Be your own kind of weird; love your flaws, weakness, and strengths. Follow your own style. Live the life you love and desire. Make mistakes but don’t forget to forgive yourself and move on with life. Keep your mind open to different ways of becoming a better you.


Stop wasting time and effort on copying others, that’s their identity, not yours! Be inspired by others but don’t envy or be obsessed with being them because, in reality, you are only seeing the outcome of their hard work and not the obstacles they had to overcome to get to where they are now. Run your own race everyone’s journey is different, stay in your own lane to avoid making the mistake of comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle or vice versa. Stay true to yourself and stop saying sorry for being you! Surround yourself with people who you can be yourself with regardless of what situation you’re in and stop trying to please everyone, that’s when you’ll hide the real you. Don’t let people’s opinions of you define who you are! Be proud of your roots and where you came from.


The amount of money or any superficial things you have will not make you feel more like you, or make you know your worth, then discovering who you are! It’s a challenge but the more you pretend the more you’re hindering yourself from knowing what your true potentials are and what you are capable of doing which in terms can close good opportunities and drive away people who are supposed to help you in your life journey. God has a purpose for your life because if He didn’t you wouldn’t be here. There’s a reason you are here right now and until you learn how to be yourself you might miss the opportunity of what God’s purpose is for your life.

Ask yourself, how much do I love myself? Do I take care of myself? Am I following my heart? Loving yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It doesn’t make you vain or proud. But, it means that you are confident in your own body, in who you are as a person and who you’re yet to become. It means that you are showing appreciation for the God who created you, it means you are able to forgive yourself after every mistake you make and not dwelling on the negative words that can demote your happiness. Learn how to love yourself independently of other’s love for you. Love yourself regardless of all the flaws people see in you. Take care of yourself, your body, mind, and soul! 


Discover who you are, find yourself and define yourself in your own terms.  Create your own life rules. Take time off to treat yourself and appreciate you. Don’t wait for someone to see love in your eyes, show you love or to show you how to be loved but rather show people that regardless of their love you can independently stand on your own and love yourself.


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