Come Out of Lo-DeBar…

The kindness of God is so sweet and shown beautifully in the lives of His people. We can see this throughout the bible and second Samuel chapter 9 is no different. This chapter tells the story of David and Mephibosheth. We see the kindness of God demonstrated through King David and extended to Mephibosheth for the sake of his father Johnathan, David’s friend. The chapter also shows us how God remembers His people irrespective of where they are or what happened to them. It demonstrates how God also sees us regardless of how we see ourselves.

There are many things to learn from this chapter and when I was reading it, the Holy Spirit gave me new revelations and insights. I want to share that revelation with you and I know that the same Spirit will do a work in your heart.

  • A faithfulness heart & good character.

The first lesson to learn from this chapter is David’s faithfulness to his friend (Johnathan) and keeping his covenant even though Jonathan was long dead (1 Samuel 20:17, & 42). This is how we are to be with our friends, family, and even strangers. We are to show kindness, keep to our words and even go beyond the norm to favor them. It is when they are not there that reveal our character and our heart toward them and even towards God (because what we do for others, we also do it for God Matthew 25:40). Also, when God blesses and positions you at a high place, remember those who once helped you in the past, just as David remembered Johnathan who saved and spared his life (1 Samuel 20).

The covenant made between David and Johnathan also tested the character of David. That is why David is known as the man after God’s heart (Acts 13:22 & 1 Samuel 13:14) because the kindness that David showed was beyond rare, especially when Jonathan’s father, King Saul sought to kill David on many occasions. We must follow the same steps as David and ask the Lord to give us a heart like him. A heart that sought to do the right thing for people and God, regardless of what position we may find ourselves in or what wrongs others have done to us.

Johnathan’s good character towards David blessed his generation. We should also be faithful and have a good character towards people because this can become a legacy for our generation! We should also invest in making impactful relationships in which the fame will extend to our children and future generation.

2 Samuel 9:13 highlights that Mephibosheth was lamed on both feet, but his limitation didn’t stop David from honoring the covenant made between him and his friend (Mephibosheth’s father). When your appointed time comes, God’s favor and kindness will look past all your flaws and limitations.

When God calls you out and shows you kindness, your limitation and flaws will become irrelevant.

Similarly, the characteristic of God is also evident in this chapter. We can imagine David representing God himself in the chapter and Mephibosheth representing us (God’s children). The love and kindness of God extend to everyone, regardless of what season of life you are in and it doesn’t judge, or shame you, but clothes you with the garment of royalty, honor, love, care, and compassion. Your flaws do not matter to God and He sees past that, and while you’re still thinking of yourself as worthless, or good for nothing, He has already embraced every part of you as his. Even when you are in his presence, broken and unworthy, his words are of love, comfort and he doesn’t want you to fear but He wants to restore you back to your rightful position, right to your royalty, and out of the desolate place you’ve locked yourself (2 Samuel 9:7). God’s love endures forever and He is faithful from generation to generation. His kindness and generosity never change towards those who love Him and those who are for Him.

  • It always starts with a reason

There are several reasons for going and staying in a place that does not produce growth and many people can give you countless reasons. But we are not called to dwell on reasons but to dwell on the promises provided for us by God. We are called to allow God to guide us on the path He has for us, not the path formed by circumstances. Mephibosheth’s reason to go to Lo-DeBar seemed valid, in fact, it wasn’t even his choice (but remaining there was!). From the previous chapters, we learned about Mephibosheth and how he was the son of Johnathan. We are told in 2 Samuel 4:4 that he was lame, and this was not from birth or because of any sickness, it happened when his nurse dropped him as she ran out to escape from the war. She took him out of his home country to protect him. As a result, he became lame at just five years of age. Although it can be easy to blame her for Mephibosheth becoming lame, we can also thank her for saving his life. Because of her, Mephibosheth lived to see and experience the kindness of God. For many years Mephibosheth stayed and lived in Lo DeBa

  • The appointed time

When Mephibosheth’s appointed time came, God’s goodness and Kindness called him out of Lo-DeBar. It was circumstances that brought him there but only God could have called him out.  It’s the same for many of us today, circumstances, situations, and hardship drove us out of where God has placed us and made us flee to Lo-DeBar but only God can call us out!

It was not the place (Lo-DeBar) that made Mephibosheth hostage but it was his choice to remain there. It is not the place you are in right now that is holding you down, it is your free will, your choice to remain there.  Lo-DeBar was supposed to be a place of seasonal stay – to hide for a while, recalibrate, and refresh but come out stronger. For Mephibosheth, it was supposed to be a place for him to hide until the war was over, but he remained there and got comfortable.

Don’t get comfortable in a place meant for seasonal rest.

It is not every place that should be a permanent place of rest. Lo-DeBar is just a stopping place, not a destination. War brought Mephibosheth there but him knowing his position should have bought him out. But he thought he was safe and protected in Lo-Debar which in terms he never left (thinking this place was a place of safety and harm can never be done to him). But just because you stopped at Lo-DeBar for a short while doesn’t mean you have to stay there.

  • Lo-DeBar

A place that looked and seemed like a place of protection can actually be the place that kills all your dreams, and goals and make you unrecognizable. It is in this place that your mind agrees and gets accustomed to your circumstances and limits your capacity to move higher and further. Mephibosheth thought of himself as worthless (that’s what staying and living in Lo-DeBar does to you). He saw himself as a dead dog (2 Samual 9:8). A prince’s son, considered himself a dead dog, how can this be!?! Can a place so peaceful, loving, purposeful, and nourishing make you think like this about yourself? No, Lo-DeBar was not the place for Mephibosheth to live, it wasn’t good for him, and he didn’t even know it. We can see that Mephibosheth didn’t know who he was anymore, he didn’t even know that he was of royalty, because if he did know, he wouldn’t have considered himself as nothing. This is how some of us see ourselves today and not knowing how God sees us- we are His chosen people, his royal priesthood, his holy nation, and his special possession (1 Peter 2:9).

A place that looked and seemed like a place of protection can actually be the place that kills all your dreams, and goals and make you unrecognizable.

This is what Lo-Debar does to us, makes us believe that we are nothing, worthless and that we are not needed in high places. Well, today you have found favor in the sight of God and His kindness has extended to you too, just as it did to Mephibosheth (2 Samuel 9:1,3,7,11-13).

  • Don’t hold back, God is calling YOU out.

What is holding you back today from fulfilling your purpose, walking in the will of God, and doing what He has called you to do? You may not have gotten where you are now by choice but staying there is totally up to you! What is holding you back? Is it shame? anxiety? fear? worry? sickness? bad relationships? lack of self-confidence? your past mistakes? or someone’s mistake that has affected your whole entire life? Well, whatever it is, the reason stops now! You have been commanded by the King to come out of your reasons, mistakes, and mindset and step into your royalty so you can flourish.

You have been commanded by the King to come out of your reasons, mistakes, and mindset and step into your royalty so you can flourish

  • Many people stay in Lo-DeBar because;
  1. Is it comfortable/ familiar (but not progressive)
  2. It provides safety (but damages the mind)
  3. There’s no pressure (but kills dreams and goals)

people who stay in Lo-DeBar never accomplish their purpose

  • O Daughters and Sons of God, COME OUT OF Lo-DeBar

God is calling all His daughters and sons to COME OUT OF LO-DEBAR TODAY! That place is not for you to rest, it may have been for you to escape for a while, but it is not your place of destination. I speak into your life today, COME OUT of Lo-DeBar! COME OUT of whatever has taken you hostage in your mind, thoughts, soul, or spirit. Be loose and find your way to the King’s Palace, He is calling you and wants to show his kindness to you! PACK YOUR BAGS, YOUR JOURNEY AT LO-DEBAR ENDS TODAY! Someone has been positioned at a high place to bring you back to your rightful position and that is JESUS! Call out to Jesus, He is waiting for you! He wants you to leave where you are and come out!

Call out to Jesus, He is waiting for you!

Lame, broken, ashamed, hurt, depressed, whatever it is, speak into your life and tell yourself, TODAY, I AM LEAVING LO-DEBAR! SPEAK IT OUT! TODAY I AM LEAVING LO-DEBAR. I am leaving the land that does not produce growth, or joy, the place that makes me feel worthless, ashamed, and broken! I refuse to remain in hiding. I was not chosen to remain hidden. I was chosen to sit at the king’s palace! Speak over yourself, mention your name (John, Martha etc…) I AM COMING OUT OF LO-DEBAR TODAY! The covenant made over your life is too precious for you to remain at Lo-DeBar.

You were not chosen to remain hidden. You were chosen to sit at the king’s palace!

Things don’t grow at Lo-DeBar, they remain lame, and hurt. You were created to grow, in fact, you were created to flourish! COME OUT OF LO-DEBAR! You are too powerful to remain there, blood was shed so that you wouldn’t remain there! Come out now in Jesus Name!

You will break out of it with the words of your own mouth. Say it to yourself, I AM COMING OUT OF LO-DEBAR! AND I WILL NOT LOOK BACK ANYMORE! I will answer the call of the KING, even if I don’t feel worthy, I will stand in his presence and let him appoint me to my rightful place! I am the daughter/son of the Most High God, and THE KING HAS CALLED ME TO HIS PALACE and I have no time to stop and think it over if I want to go.


Prayer to meditate on:

  • May the Lord raise people for you to bring you out of your Lo-Debar
  • May God position people at high places that will remember you and your kind deeds (and remember what your family has done- 2 Samuel 9:3 )
  • For your sake, may people show kindness to your family, children, and friends 2 Samuel 9:1

The covenant made over your life is too precious for you to remain at LO-DEBAR.

If you have noticed or have identified that you are stuck in Lo-DeBar, in your mind, physically, spiritually, or mentally, just take time to dwell in the presence of God, fast, and seek him by reading the bible, worshiping him, and meditating on the word of God. He will direct you.

If you don’t know Jesus and you are willing to accept Him and build your trust and hope in Him and you want to start a relationship (not a religion) with Him, then take just a few minutes wherever you are and repeat these few words;

“Lord Jesus, I am ready to give you a chance in my life. I am sorry for all my sins and I want to build my foundation in you. I welcome you into my heart and into my life. Lord, come and have your way in me. God, I thank you for the love you have for me and the blood you shed for me on the cross. I am ready to follow you and I will not look back”. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (Romans 10:9).

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