True Treasures

Our motives must be aligned so that we don’t get too caught up in worldly things and completely miss God in the process.

Identity in Christ

Our physical identity is made up of our memories, experiences, relationships, culture, background, personality, beliefs (our faith), character and values that help us to create a continuous sense of who we are during our time here on earth. Our identity is part of who we are. It is also made up of our future self,... Continue Reading →


Waiting means that you are practising being strong, you are building your strength, encouraging your heart, and meditating on God’s words and his promises for your life- (Psalm 27:14). When you wait in whatever situation you are in, you will be strengthened (Isaiah 40:31).  Waiting and being patient on the Lord, brings God’s blessings (Isaiah... Continue Reading →

Come Out of Lo-DeBar…

The kindness of God is so sweet and shown beautifully in the lives of His people. We can see this throughout the bible and second Samuel chapter 9 is no different. This chapter tells the story of David and Mephibosheth. We see the kindness of God demonstrated through King David and extended to Mephibosheth for... Continue Reading →

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