Let God call you… He called Moses

Godly leaders must fear the Lord, be trustworthy, they must hate dishonesty (Exodus 18:21), and follow the ways of the Lord and their hearts must be after God.

God called many great leaders in the bible and every one of them had their own flaws but their hearts and willingness to be used by God made them significant leaders that we talk about and reference today. For example, in Numbers 12:3 Moses was said to be a humble man. So humble that he was considered a ‘friend of God’ (Exodus 33:11). Another great leader from the bible is David. Because of his humble heart toward God, David was anointed King by Samuel. David’s heart toward God made him an excellent leader and the greatest king who ever lived in Israel.

Daniel was obedient to his God and didn’t want to do or say anything that didn’t please God (1 Sam 15:22). Deborah was another great example of a leader in the bible, she was the only female judge that ruled in Israel. She was very courageous and trusted in God through every battle.  Every godly leader must have a heart for God. The ultimate motive must be to serve God by serving others, to give him glory and no other.

There is something different about those whom God calls into leadership at the appointed time compared to those who call themselves and those who society or others call into leadership. The big difference is that when God calls you, his presence will guide and lead you even when you see yourself in difficult seasons and situations, his peace will comfort and guide you.

A lot of people go into leadership when they identify some gifts they have and do not wait to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Taking on a leadership role will require humility before the Lord so that you can serve him the way He wants and not the way you have envisioned.  Leadership is not about bringing your ideas and feeding people with them. It is about bringing God’s ideas and the plans He has given you and showing his people. Becoming a godly leader, will require you to surrender your plans, ideas, agenda, and motives to God and consistently and intentionally ask him what He wants you to do and wait until He tells you to move.

In leadership, people will rise against you so you have to be able to stand firm and confident in yourself and in your God. Just as the Lord fought for Moses He too will fight for you no matter what, as long as your heart is pure and right before God and so long as you are walking blamelessly in his sight.

Preparation is needed to fully walk in the leadership calling God is calling you into. For Moses, it took him 40 years in Maidin. During this time, he was pruned, his heart was completely yielded and surrendered to God and he was filled with patience for the journey. The spirit of God was with him.

If you desire to be a leader, or you believe you are been called into leadership, firstly check your heart, what is your motive, what is your reason, is it to please other people, get fame, or please God. Ask yourself and take time to seek God, to ask him if it is really his calling or the calling from people who think you are ‘best suited’.

Life is not a race. Take your time and spend it in the presence of God, don’t rush into leadership, be equipped and be positioned in the presence of God, so that when it’s time for God to call you out, He will bring you out from the place of hiding (consecration) he has placed you to be trained and fed with his principles and disciplines. You will know what to do when He calls you because He will be with you every step of the way.

Don’t be too eager to work for God when it comes to leadership, but rather be patient and learn how to walk with God. Ask the Lord what must you do to prepare and be equipped for what is ahead. Ask him to place you where you can be hidden away and be spiritually fed and ask him to position you with the right people and in the right environment (for Moses it was in the presence of Jethro- the priest of Maidin).

Many people are working for God and not with God

It was God that called the great leaders in the bible and his calling came after they have spent time with God, knowing him and his ways and their hearts turned towards him. When someone approaches you to lead because you have a gift, take a step back, pray and listen to what God is telling you. Every gift has its season to be used. Know the reason and timing God is calling you to use your gift.

If you are a leader and God has called you to that position, it is important to saturate yourself in prayer, fasting, and gaining wisdom & knowledge so that you will lead God’s people the way God wants. Leadership is not easy. Yes, the title may sound good but it comes with you having integrity, humility, courage, boldness, faith and so much more. Some people are called to lead one person and others are called to lead a multitude. If you believe you have been called to lead a multitude you have to come to the realization that the work that must be done in preparation and during must be greater than those that are called to lead one. If you are called to lead a multitude like Moses, be willing to draw back, spend time with God, and consecrate yourself in him.

We are in the days where the Spirit of God moves so strongly, spend time with him so that He can teach you how to walk the right way. Walk like Moses did, and be the friend of God. Be willing to stand out, be willing to be by yourself, and be willing to be the only believer in the crowd. People will raise against you, even your own people, people you felt were of God, and from God, they will raise against you so that you can turn away from God.

Your faith as a leader may be what will deliver a multitude of people. It was Moses’ faith that delivered and set the people of Israelite free. Let your desire and your aim be that you need to have enough faith not just for yourself but for the nation you are called to lead. You will never know the amount of faith you need. No one knows. But your consistent relationship and communication with God will determine it.

Take time to seek the Lord, because when the time comes to walk fully in purpose, you will be busy and it will be what you have stored inside of you that you will now have to pour out and the consistent fellowship with God will be a habit that you will never struggle with. God will be your go-to for every move, every issue, every joy, and pain. This is true fellowship and love.

Don’t rush into leadership. Don’t answer the call of someone else calling you to leadership. Every leader will give an account of how they led God’s people. Let God be the one that calls you, let him anoint you, and let him appoint you. He called Moses, Moses never called himself. Remember that. (Exodus 3:4-12)

Every leader will give an account of how they led God’s people

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