Set Your Expectations High

‘Have higher expectation of what God can do and lower expectation of what people can do’

Today marks the end of another year. 2019 has bought so much memories, joy and laughter and I was blessed to have shared it all with people so close to my heart.

Personally the year has been a year of faith for me, where I had to put my faith in action and saw how God worked in miraculous ways. I believe that each year God works in our lives in different forms and I felt that this year He wanted me to walk with faith. I thank God almighty for positioning me exactly where I needed to be in every month of 2019.

God taught me that everyone’s timing is different, so comparing my life journey to someone else’s has no benefit for what God has for me in store.

I know that 2020 is going to be a great year for everyone and I believe that God wants us to trust Him more and set our expectations high.

God wants us to see Him more than the man who can just supply our daily needs (which is good as well). He wants us to see Him as the God who can make anything to possible in our lives. In 2020 start seeing God as the one who has the perfect timing to answer all your prayers. See Him as the God who understands, speaks and listens to you in your time of need.

The more you see God as the one who can give you all things the more you will start seeing his mighty hands work in your life.

As the new year approves us I just want you to set yours eyes on God, set your expectations higher.  Whatever plans, hopes, dreams, goals or achievements you would like to achieve in 2020 involve God on it and let Him direct you. He wants nothing but the best for all His children. Big or small, keep involving God!

As much as God wants us to expect big things from Him, He also wants us to expect;

  • Trials & Sorrow: No one will escape the trials of this world, but God encourages us that whatever battles or sorrow we face we should take heart and not let that season over shadow us (John 16:33)
  • Rejection: You will face rejection but that doesn’t mean you should throw away your faith or loose courage (John 15: 18-21)
  • Word: Not knowing what to say can be an issue at times but God promises to give us exactly what to say at the right time (Matt 10:19)
  • Power: We must expect to receive power from God to live life here on earth (Acts 1:18) & (John 14:6)
  • Provision:  God promises to supply all our needs so that we don’t have to worry or stress about our life. (Matt 6:26-27)
  • Presence:  God promises to be with us in every areas of our lives. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us. The presence of God is a wonderful experience. (Matt 28:8) & (Hebrews 13:5)  
  • Return: We must all expect the return of Jesus Christ. When the time comes for Him to return, we must be prepared and ready to go with Him. (Luke 12:40)

All this just sums up that you should fix your eyes on Jesus and don’t loose your focus because of life’s circumstances. Know that the presence of God is always with you in everything you do and when you feel lonely and far from everyone, that’s the perfect time to call Jesus near to you.

I warm you with the protection of God and the blessings of heaven as you enter the new year. May this new year be a year of open doors and opportunities for you in Jesus Name.

I pray that in every battle that you may find yourself in, God will see you through it and shine His light for you to walk through.

I pray that each month of the year will open ideas and opportunities for you and as the year holds your special day of birth, I pray that God will bless you with a gift of heaven that will silent all your enemies in Jesus.

In 2020, you will walk into favor in every corner of the world. I pray that your steps will be positioned at the right place and I pray that all your hearts desired for good will be granted by God’s merciful hand.

Don’t stop declaring what the Lord has done for you regardless of what people say and don’t let unanswered powers infect your prayers for the new year.

2020 is your year of joy, now go an live it to your best ability.

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