Be Patient and Trust.

At the center of your situation,

Put God first and call on Him.

As hard and difficult as it may be to accept;

God wants to help you.

Trust that God will bring you out of any situation.

Because, He is able.

Your time of victory will come. Be patient.

Don’t worry, all your effort will be crowned.

You will be placed in your destined position.

God has not forgotten you.

He sees your heart and the battles you are facing.

In your battle, He wants you to be patient and learn how to trust Him.

Because, in trusting Him you will find the strength and confidence to fight a good fight.

Remember, a blessing given too soon is not a blessing at all.

Learn patient with your journey and your struggles.

Let your ways and your lifestyle be in accordance with the ways of God.

Lay all your burdens on Him, and trust that He is for you and not against you.

When you find life hard know that;

God is powerful,

God is faithful and

God is perfect in ways you cannot explain.


Come to Him.

He will never disappoint or fail you.

He wants to fill the emptiness in you.

Give him a chance and trust in Him.

Let the light and love of God guide you.

Let Him be your shield and your protector.

Let Him give you strength when you are weak,

And courage when you are afraid.

Let God be God and stop trying to be the Savior of your own life.

Whatever you are going through is just a pathway that will lead you to your success.

Don’t feel that you must carry the weight of your battles all alone,

God is just a call away.

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