I’m Tired

Dear Life,

I wish you could see things the same way that I see you.

I wish you could ease off a little bit, just enough that I can catch my breath.

I wish you could understand that I’m tired.


Oh Life, I’m tired.

I wish you could see the pain I feel.

I wish you could let me go and give me a chance to gather myself.

Because, I’m tired.


Oh, how I wish you could just let me be,

How I wish you could let me do my own thing without any of your struggles.


Oh Life, the more I run away from you, the more you push me to the ground,

Oh, how I long for the day we separate.


Every time I enter a door that I thought it’s a door of opportunity,

You always manage to remind me that things are just not as easy as that.

But, I’m tired.

I can’t go on anymore.


You’ve taken everything from me and left me vulnerable.

You’ve taken away people I thought will be there for me.

You’ve shown me that trusting people may backfire,

And when I took that chance to see for myself,

You proved me right.


I don’t know what to say, but I’m tired.

I’m tired of the struggles.

I’m tired of the endless unexplained emotions.

I’m tired of the loneliness.

I’m tired of you.


But, even though I strongly feel that it’s time for me and you to separate,

And free myself from your daily burdens,

Even though I’m prepared and have long thought of the day I will find peace from you,

I want to defeat you.

I know it’s possible.

I just don’t know how or when.

But, I will defeat you.


Until then,

My soul will search for inner peace,

Because that is the only weapon, I believe can defeat you.





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