Everything Will Be Okay

In life, everyone will go through some form of struggles or problems, but the ones who overcome it are those who hoped and believed that although they are passing through a stormy season, the future will be better. That is what you too must follow.

There is a better tomorrow waiting for you. Don’t dwell on your problems, it’s just a stepping stone to your greatness. Regardless of what class you are, rich or poor problems will always come. No matter what, we can’t escape it. But what we can do is keep our hopes and trust in God and He will guide us through every battle.

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The experiences of life are not aimed to hurt us, but to form and shape us into that perfect version of what God wants us to be.

A lot of us carry the weight of many problems over our shoulders, and we carry the weight around with us day in, day out and for some, for the rest of their lives.

Regardless of the limitations that people have labeled you or have attached to your name, everything will be okay. No condition or situation is permanent. The problems are just tests. You have to be strong and hold on to the promises of your life regardless of whether people believe in you or not. Even if you don’t see it, God has a clear picture and plan of what He wants your life to be.


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There is power in your mouth. So, use your mouth to speak into your stormy seasons and declare goodness into it.

If you feel overwhelmed with life, reach out to someone and talk it out. Share your mind with people you trust, God put them in your life for times like this.

I promise you everything will be okay. Whatever battles or problems you may be facing today, a permanent solution is just around the corner, keep your faith in God no matter what!

And remember, I love you,  don’t hesitate to reach out to me here anytime

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