The Month of Many Promises


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As you start a new month today;

May you accomplish many things
May your cup overflow with blessings.

May the joy of heaven fill your house
May the God of all gods personally visit you
May you never lack or borrow.

May good friendship locate you
May fake friends depart from you.

May you embrace happiness
May God lead you to the next chapter of your life.

May you carry the light of God that will never be quenched
May gladness always walk with you.

May your feet be stable in any path you choose to walk
May life work in your favour.

May you find peace, love, joy and happiness wherever you go.

May every letter you receive begin with “Congratulation”.

May you live longer and healthier
May your life be filled with happy memories.

May you blossom with joy.

May the promise of God be fulfilled in your life.

May you confuse your enemies with continuous laughter
May you shine brighter and brighter, higher and higher, richer and richer.

May you never visit the grave of your loved ones
May your loved ones never visit your grave
May death depart from you.

May wealth visit you
May favour locate you.
May God never depart from you.

 May the light of God continue to burn in you.

     Above all, may the love of God be with you always.

Happy New Month.

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