Live life as a great soldier.

Everyone here on earth is a soldier.

From the minute we were born, we wore the garment of a soldier.

The first day we entered this earth, we began the journey for survival. We began the process of life training. Some were taught by great teachers, so they were able to learn really fast. While others struggled to grasp the concept of life. But no one was short of their garment. We had to put it on stained or unstained.

Life takes everyone as a soldier no matter how old or young they are. It doesn’t mean that we are all physically fighting for survival, but it simply means we are trying to stand straight on our two feet in this world.

Some die a happy death with their last breath full of contentment that they had accomplished their assignment here on earth. Others, burning with sorrow and pain as they fight to say their final words, knowing well that they could have turn life around for themselves but chose not to when they still had time.

To be a good soldier in this world, you have to make up your mind that you will never give up. That you will try your best to make the most out of your life and your circumstances. Leaving no regrets as you close your eyes to say hello to the other world, knowing well you gave everything in your power to live life well. These are soldiers who never gave up or give in, even if they’ve been shot several times by the circumstances of this world, they still manage to get up and keep on going. Those who have been through so many defeats, shame, let downs, and many tears but yet they keep on going and believed in God to see them through each day. These are the greatest soldiers of all.

The journey may appear to be tough and hard and it may seem like there’s nothing that can be done to ease the pain than to indulge in unpleasant activities or simply end one’s life when it all gets too much. Cling on to the arms of God and he will never let you go. In fact, he will walk life with you and teach you the skills you need to be the greatest soldier there is.

Anyone can be a great soldier, as long as their eyes are fixed on the supreme commander, Jesus Christ. keep on pushing forward and never ever give up!

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