Jesus Loves you

This is a message for someone. I wrote it exactly as I was led to. I hope this finds a place in your heart and I pray that you will be able to open up to God and let Him into your life.

Jesus loves YOU.


Jesus sees the sorrow and the pain you bear and live with.

But, He says it’s time that it stops.

It’s time that you stop carrying your burden yourself.

He says;

“Let me help you. It will be easier if I carry it.

Let me carry that weight for you.

I promise you that you will feel much relieved if you pass it on to me.

I want to help you.

I need you to understand that my purpose is to bring you peace, joy, and happiness.

Believe me, when I say, I love you and I have a plan and purpose for YOU.

Please, don’t listen to the words of those who don’t know you as I do.

Don’t listen.

I know you.

I created you.

I gave YOU life.

I know how to fix you.

I know what you need even though you can’t figure it out.

Believe me, when I say, I love YOU.

You are important to me.

You matter to me.

You are mine.

I designed you.

Breathed in you.

Every compartment in you is mine.

I live in you and you are mine.

Don’t be afraid.

They will try all ways to bring you down but I will lift you up.

They will try to harm you, but I will protect you.

They will try to accuse you of something you never did but I will bring justice for you.

They will try to attack your home but I will shield you.

They will try to bring sickness and sorrow into your life but listen to me, they will not succeed.

They will try all means to belittle you, saying you are nothing. But, know my child that you are mine and their words do not matter because you are perfect and the best of you is all I want.

You are loved

You are courageous

You are fearless

You are strong

You are a conqueror

You are an overcomer.

You can do all things I call you to do, through me.

You are bigger than the words of the enemy

You are wiser than the plans of the devil.

My child, listen to me.

You are reading this because I positioned you here to read it.

I have a word for you.

And that is, I want to take control of your life.

I want to be in charge of your life so I can direct you on the right path.

I want you to have peace

I want you to start living to your full abundance.

I want you to enjoy life through me

I have seen your pain

I have seen your frustration

I have seen the debt you’re in

I’ve seen it all

And I want to help you.

I want to intervene.

I want you to let me in so that I can help you.

But you have to let me… let GO… and let me into your life……

Ask for me, call on me and I will answer.

See the testimonies of people who believed me.

How can they make my works up?


I love you, my child.

Come to me and let me help you.

Peace be with you and strength to your weakness.”

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