The Laws of Constant Motion

Ever wonder why Isaac Newton would go through all the trouble to come up with his famous three laws of motions? These laws hold three critical sources to a constant successful life. Could it have been that he proposed the law hoping that humans will connect the dots and realise that his principles can open life-changing opportunities for them or could it have been that he didn’t even know that there were hidden messages in his laws which correlates to a constant success?

It’s quite mysterious, isn’t it? Now, let me explain the connections between these three laws and life.

The three laws of motions apply to our everyday lives and this is what high performers feed on every day, that got them to where they are now. These laws correlate to constant success. When you understand how they work and you constantly apply it to everything you do, you will see a constant success in your life ( ie. As your actions increases, so does your success).

Our happiness in life, our success and achievements are governed by these laws. These laws show that our progress (motion) relates to our actions (force).

Let’s take a closer look at these laws

  1. Newton’s first law- An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an external force.

A more simple explanation is; If an object is constantly moving, that object will keep moving unless something stops it.

This same law applies to us as humans.  It explains that success will not come until you decide to put actions to it. This law also represents the fact that you are in control of your life no matter what. Our lives will remain the same if we don’t change it. Days, months and years will pass by and it will still remain the same if something is not done about it.

We can further explain this in two ways;

  • The efforts, time, positive thinking about where you want to be and the consistent routines you devote yourself to will continually develop you and grow you into a better version of you. However, if you stop, things will deaccelerate for you and you will feel like your life has remained stagnant. So, if you constantly work on yourself, the only result for you is to see continuous improvement unless you decide to stop caring and stop giving time and energy towards your goals and dreams.
  • Let’s consider the object when it is at rest. When an object is said to be at rest it means that its velocity is zero. This simply means that there’s no movement, no energy, just pure stagnant. The object will remain at rest UNTIL an external force pushes or moves it. Likewise, if you don’t act on your dreams you won’t see any improvement or any change. You are the force that drives your life into whatever you have imagined it to be. What force are you directing your life?

      2. The second Law – This law states that the force is equal to the change in momentum (Quantity of motion that an object has) per change in time. A more simple definition is F=ma. Where F is the force, m equals to mass and a stands for acceleration. You may ask how this corresponds to a constant success.

Well, this law is used to determine the amount of force needed to move an object or to bring it to rest.

Now let’s explain this a little bit further and how it can be applied to our lives; I like to think of this as input and output – what you give is what you get.

So, we can say that the success, accomplishment, and happiness that we achieve in life are solely dependent on the amount of effort that we exert, by our inner values. Our inner values shape our sense of purpose and meanings in life and also the principles which we live by. What you focus your time and effort on is where you will see progress.

                                          Success = Effort  X  Inner Values

  1. Third Law- For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Take a pot as an example, and let’s say it’s on the table. Although the pot is not moving ( at rest), it is still exerting a force on the table and the table is also exerting equal but yet opposite force on the pot, making the pot not to move.

This law can have different kinds of meaning. It could represent the following;

  • Karma of our thoughts and actions. Whatever we do to others, the same will be done to us. If we do good to others, someone else will repay us with goodness.
  • For every stage we reach in our lives we should expect to face some challenges in order to move to the next stage.

The three laws of motion are constantly used in almost every life-changing book out there. It is the three secret ingredients that high performers have been using to succeed in every area of their lives.

Educate yourself on these laws and know how they work so that you too can apply it to see life-changing results! Remember the old saying “Knowledge is power”. If your thoughts are not updated, your life becomes outdated!

You still have another chance. There are 8 months left this year,  no matter how the first half of the year was, keep flapping your wings. Until you move the Red Sea won’t divide! Keep working! Keep moving! There is no telling how far you have to go while chasing a dream. Hold on, and move on by force!



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