A surrendering heart

Will Jesus still matter if He doesn’t give you an answer for what you have been praying and asking him for? Will you still consider
him the Lord of your life?

Focusing on our circumstances can sometimes make us lose our trust and hope in Christ. It can make us be weary and frustrated. But one thing we must know is that circumstances come and go. We are constantly entering and leaving life’s challenges, that can help us learn and grow. Life comes with all sorts of things, but we are encouraged in John 16:33 that even though we experience many troubles here on earth, we must trust Christ and know that if He can overcome them, it encouraged us to believe we can too.

In life’s circumstances, don’t focus on the problem that’s in front of you but let your heart draw you closer and closer to
the King.

Circumstances should not be the only reason to come to God or why we want to desire him. The desire for God should come because we want to know him for who He is and to know his ways. The knowledge of God will help us to withstand and persevere in any circumstances that come our way without losing our belief or hope in Christ.

Question to ask yourself: “If God doesn’t speak to me in two years, will I still think He’s worthy to be praised? Will
He still is the King of kings or saviour in my world?”

Our Christian experience should be about our heart serving God and drawing close to him and deciding that whatever comes our way – circumstances or no circumstances, fear or no fear, anxiety or no anxiety, frustration or no frustration, confusion or no confusion, failures or no failures we will serve the Lord because He is Lord.

Let your heart serve God and not your circumstances.

It’s easy to get angry or frustrated at God when you have prayed, fasted and cried out to him concerning an issue but you didn’t
get the answer you wanted from him.  Sometimes the motives of the heart can block our prayers from being answered.

Before praying or fasting did you tell God you will be okay with whatever his response is, that’s including whether He says nothing?

Remember, it is the decision of a King to do whatever He wants. Family or no family, children, or no children. The King has discipline, and He has principles and guidelines that anyone in His kingdom must not break- even His children. And the thing about a King regardless of whether you come to Him to bring a good idea or to ask him for something- He has the authority to say Yes or No. If He says yes, then good but if he says no, then it’s still good. You must accept and still serve Him. No matter what or however frustrated or angry you may feel towards him, you still have to serve him as if he said Yes to you.

Why then do we treat our Lord, the King of kings differently? Is it because we can’t see Him? At times if He says no to something we press on and do it anyways and this sometimes is because we truly haven’t come to the true revelation of who He is. So that we can revere him by obeying him.

As Christians, we must be devoted to God with a heart that serves him and a heart devoted to him alone and not a heart full of reasons why you no longer follow or serve God because of how life treated you. But the thing is, if your motives are right, you will get an answer to your request and be at peace with what the King is saying for the season of your life.

God pulling us out of circumstances just doesn’t mean that’s why we should come to Him. We are not just supposed to be users and beneficiaries of His personality and His character. But we should come to Him because we want to, because He is the King and because we were created to serve a King and not just kings.

The conditioning of your heart is what will allow you to fully express your love for Christ. It is a daily choice we must make, to live for Him, to live out His words and His ways over the devil’s ways. To choose His peace over the enemy’s destruction, anger, and hate.

Check your heart on a daily basis. Do a heart check. Ask yourself whether you have allowed Christ into your heart each day or do you have hate or bitterness in your heart. Our hearts should represent how we will serve God because out of our hearts is what we will say to people around us. And if our hearts are purified then His love and peace will pour out from us to others.

If you know that your heart is not right with the Lord, ask the Holy Spirit to help you, to sanctify, purify and cleanse your heart. He will help you and guide you. He is the gentle whisper that warns us of the things that are good and bad.

To have a heart that wants to know and love God for who He is and not just what you can get from him (which comes from your
desire to know him) you must be willing to do the work by reading and meditating on the word of God and allowing the Holy Spirit to help you.


  1. God guide me to position my heart fully to Christ to serve Him in all my ways, and love him regardless of what I’m going through, or whatever may be. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!
  2. Lord, let my heart be drawn to you, to serve you and get closer to you and not just because of my circumstances. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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