The Uncertainties of Life

In Eccelastites 11:1-6 Solomon summarizes that our lives should involve both taking risks and opportunities. He illustrates to us that we need to take risks in investing for our future. We can not wait for the perfect conditions to act or wait for a sign from heaven that we are supposed to do what is being nudged on our hearts to do. Life has no guarantees so we must be prepared to take risks. And sometimes we don’t have time to take calculated risks, weighing deeply the pros and cons because then we will talk ourselves out of it. How can we be prepared? Simply by applying wisdom, understanding and taking risks, seeking God for guidance and taking on opportunities that may come our way.

Even Jesus took a risk by dying for us on the cross with the hope that we would believe in Him. His risk is why we are now here. Is God not capable of coming on your journey of uncertainty? if you take risks and embrace opportunities that come your way, God will be with you. If you don’t, God will still be with you, the only difference is that you get to grow, learn and stretch the capacity of your knowledge of God and of life.

Just because life is uncertain doesn’t mean we should do nothing. By applying wisdom and seeking the right counsel. take risks and invest in your future, and ask God to help you according to the advice Solomon gave in Eccelastites 11:1-6. You can’t live life being afraid of uncertainties. The thing with uncertainty is that you just don’t know what will come out of them. If you’re not sure about a certain situation talk to God about it, if you believe God spoke to you to do it and you have peace about it but are worried about the uncertainty that comes with it then just do it! Leave the worries to the burden carrier- Jesus. He will work everything out for you.

At times, it’s the fear of not knowing the outcome of something that leaves us not knowing what to do or where to go and to be afraid of the possibility that things might fail and as a result we can miss the growth and transformation that follows.

Your situation doesn’t have to be perfect before you take a move to do what God placed on your heart.

Life is not guaranteed, we need to have a Spirit that takes risks (within the content of God) and an adventurous Spirit- it is exciting because you get to learn more about depending on the Holy Spirit. You get to learn how to trust him in an environment that’s not familiar to you or comfortable to you because that’s where we truly discover how powerful God is. If you want to go deeper with God, take risks, go where you’re not comfortable with asking the Holy Spirit for guidance and you’ll see how far you’ll grow in the Spirit. A relationship is about trusting even in the events of not knowing what is to come. Waiting for a perfect condition will mean inactivity. We should not wait for perfect conditions that may never exist.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose- Romans 8:28

God doesn’t just point the way we should go but He is always beside us as we go

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